DPCU Camouflage City Gent Umbrella

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Introducing our new [Limited Edition] DPCU Camouflage City Gent Umbrella. DPCU (Disruptive Pattern Camouflage/Combat Uniform) is a five colour military camouflage used by the Australian military, also known as Auscam. It is influenced partly by early US Duck Camouflage.

The fabric on the umbrella is original military modacrylic fabric with a waterproof layer. It’s attached to a beech wood shaft & malacca wood handle. Available now but be quick, the umbrella is Limited Edition and will be available for a short time only.

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Please, please, please – Make this in a folding umbrella.

It is very common for us (I am Australian Army) to make use of small folding umbrellas in the tropics where we operate, as they allow you to quickly stop and write notes from a message, prepare quick orders – or even just have a cigarette in the monsoonal downpour. Due to a lack of commercial off-the-shelf camouflage umbrellas, we normally have to buy a black one, and hit it with some spray paint. Naturally, with repeated opening and closing, this does not last. I am sure that if you were to offer this as a lightweight folding umbrella, you would receive numerous orders from our side of the world.


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