Umbrella care

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They are strong and built to last but by nature are delicate items. The following tips should maximise the life of your umbrella.

Step 01.

Our umbrellas are built to protect from winds as well as rain. However, they will not protect from strong gusts. Avoid using your umbrella in heavy winds, particularly in large open areas, by sea/river fronts and bridges. Wind damage is not covered by our warranty.

Step 02.

Avoid leaning on your umbrella and using it as a walking stick. Not only do you run the risk of snapping the shaft in half but repeatedly hitting the umbrella on the ground can eventually collapse and dismantle the frame.

Step 03.

Always leave your umbrella open to dry to allow the fabric and materials to breathe. This will also prevent any potential rusting of metal parts.

Step 04.

Leave your umbrella open to dry away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Step 05.

Keep away from radiators and hot places to prevent warping. Avoid leaving in the back of your car.

Step 06.

Take time to neatly fold & unfold to keep your umbrella looking new and prevent stretching / tearing off of the fastener.

Step 07.

Clean only with plain water, as cleaning subtances could remove proofing coatings.

Step 08.

If you own one of our Telescopic Umbrellas, refrain from swinging it by the handle. Extending the shaft by throwing it open like a lightsaber or emulating a cricket bat or golf club, can potentially separate the sections of the shaft.

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