Automatic Open Close Push Button Compact Foldable Dark Arts Coffee Tiger Stripe Camouflage Umbrella

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A special collaboration with East London roastery, Dark Arts Coffee.

Dark Arts have quickly become a significant force in the London coffee scene. With great product, a no-nonsense attitude and a strong community of like-minded individuals with a wicked sense of humour. Dark Arts do things their way and their way is rather impressive. Ethical sourcing is top priority with traceability all the way back to the farm, ensuring a premium price is made to the farmers.

Each purchase comes with special 'UNDERCOVER' Coffee beans.

Columbia, Tolima. Varietal: Typica. Process: Natural, Carbonic Macerastion. Altitude: 1,750-1,800 mass. These lovingly grown coffee cherries are aerobically fermented for 24 hours, then placed inside Grainpro bags for 50 hours maintaining a temperature below 22°C and adding CO2. Finally, the whole cherries are placed on raised beds at a temperature below 35°C until the ideal moisture content is achieved. Stewed peach, raspberry and vanilla custard.

Our Auto-Compact umbrellas are made for those on the move. It is our smallest and lightest weight umbrella for convenient use in every day rain. The handy button-opening mechanism allows you to open and close the umbrella with one hand.

Designed with a ‘bounce’ mechanism, our Auto-Compacts do not lock in place when open. As a smaller frame, it uses flexibility to protect itself. This ‘bounce’ movement allows the canopy to move with the wind rather than against it. If caught by a gust, it will safely invert. This then reverts very simply.

All umbrellas come in trademark foil packaging making it the perfect gift as well.

- Automatic Open / Automatic Close Push Button
- 100% Polyester - Strong 3 Section Steel Frame
- Black Wood Handle with Engraved branding
- Matching Sleeve with London Undercover Grosgrain Label.
- London Undercover Metal Press Stud Button
- Orange Paracord Strap
- Weight 0.4 kg
- 30.5cm (L) x 6cm (W) [Folded]
- Opens to 96cm in Diameter