Haeckels Chalk Room Diffuser

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A unique and innovative way of infusing your home with scent, using a beautifully etched chalk block and copper dish.

Chalk cliffs, reefs and formations are found all around the Kent coastline, local to the Haeckels lab. Using a local and natural material to innovate interior scent diffusers, the chalk acts as the perfect vessel to hold and diffuse scent into your home.

Haeckels' Chalk Room Diffuser Oil is an enhancing blend of lavender and freshly cut grass, to evoke sea spray and warm summer days.

Place your chalk block in the centre of the copper dish and carefully dispense fragrance oil onto the chalk, around 5-10 drops. The porous chalk will begin to absorb the oil and slowly, over time, release the scent into the surrounding room.

Refills of our Chalk Room Diffuser Oil are also sold separately.


Chalk, Copper Dish, Chalk Room Diffuser Oil [Lavender, Freshly cut grass]

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