KANKAN Grounded Hand Wash Starter Set

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Get Started with Grounded Hand Wash

Feeling good means feeling good in our skin. Using all-natural ingredients and powerful active essential oils that are key to supporting our wellbeing, we’re committed to making products that give that good feeling inside and out.

Our scent 'Grounded' is inspired by the sweet smell of warm earth - full of potential and sweet spice of seeds and roots. Essential oils of sweet orange, coriander, clove and ginger give warmth and sweet spice. Vetiver, Cedar and Guaiac wood give grounding and earthiness. Eucalyptus, and citrus brings a natural freshness.

Key Ingredients

Top: Sweet Orange, Mandarin & Eucalyptus - feel uplifted Mid: Clove, Coriander, Basil, & Ginger - feel warmth, feel refreshed Base: Cedarwood, Petitgrain, Guaiac wood, Vetiver - feel grounded

Our Starter Kits have everything you need to get started on your refill journey, including your reusable pump and your first 300ml refill can.

Simply peel, clip and twist. Pump it out and soak it up.