Richard Brendon Cocktail Collection Classic Martini set of 2

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Showcasing the classic martini shape and boasting impeccable proportions, this glass is perfect for those who are particular about their martinis. Whether it’s a Dry or a French, our martini glass never fails to deliver a faultless serve every time.

Inspired by the beautiful mouth-blown glassware from the turn of the 20th century and today’s modern cocktail culture, Our Cocktail Collection celebrates creative skill both past and present.

This nine-piece set of mouth-blown crystal has been specifically designed to enhance every part of the cocktail experience, from preparing and serving to drinking and enjoying. Featuring all glassware required to make any classic or avant-garde cocktail, The Cocktail Collection is the complete set for the mixology enthusiast, from world class professionals to those simply looking to elevate the everyday G&T.

The dimensions, proportions and capacities of each glass have been meticulously considered, resulting in precise and well-balanced crystal that unfailingly delivers the perfect serve every time. Indeed, the gossamer thin rim feels almost invisible when taking a sip, enhancing the tasting experience and allowing the focus to be on the all-important cocktail.

H18cm, ø10cm / H7.1", ø3.9"

200ml / 6.8fl oz

Lead-Free crystal of this finesse and clarity can only be achieved using the traditional technique of mouth blowing. This precision and know-how has been practised and refined by craftspeople in Slovenia over centuries, making their talent impressive to witness and the crystal a delight to use.

The Cocktail Collection has been designed with a gossamer thin rim, so as to experience as much of the cocktail as possible. Despite this, every piece is suitable for the dishwasher; indeed this would be our recommended method of cleaning so as to avoid unecessary handling.

You should place the glassware on the top rack of the dishwasher making sure there is enough space between each piece. If you do need to wash the pieces by hand, we recommend that you fill the glasses halfway with hot soapy water and leave them to soak before being thoroughly, but gently rinsed. Be careful not to let the glasses touch the sink, rings or other washing up items as this can lead to chips or even breakages.

Use our large polishing cloth to gently polish the glasses should you need to.